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The problem:

Stress, bad nutrition and benefit poisons are the main causes for the fact that poisons and cinder materials collect in the fabric. These cinder materials are responsible for many figure problems, e.g. soaked soft fabric, weakness of  connective tissue and also Cellulite.

The solution:

ÄGYPTOS â - VITALWICKEL (vital bandages)

The cotton bandages used for the winding (no foil) are soaked with the Aegyptos vital earth.

The vital earth consists of loess, salt of the dead sea as well as minerals. The salt causes an ion exchange with the skin. The loess has an adsorbing effect and sucks cinder materials on e.g. is suitable it outstanding for the linkage of urea. The special bandages technique supports the evacuation of cinder materials and brings the body in form.

As the further effect the skin is cleaned thereby and tightened, it marvelously tenderly and smoothly will feel! That Aegyptos Vitalwickel affects Cellulite, stretch marks during pregnancy  wounds and skin problems positively.

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