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The orange peeling syndrome is not an appearance of the modern times.

Even in pre-christian time it gave it. One always saw the skin modification however only with particularly female women, - Women with sumptuous proportions.

One can reread that in the modern industrial nations until few decades ago only approx. each third woman complained over 30 years about Cellulite. That changed. Meanwhile it gives hardly still women without orange peeling.

Cellulite: a phenomenon of the modern society!

Of anatomical view the Cellulite from blown up fat cells consists in the area of the problem zones.

There is a mandatory prerequisite for the fact that the fat cells can blow up themselves: - That bind-web to the skin changed. It slackened!

The cause for this female sex hormones, also those, those are in great quantities artificially manufactured - and for meat production to be needed

Cellulite: a phenomenon of the modern society!

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