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ENVIRON healty skin

The modern world has its price: Pollutants reduce the protecting characteristics of the stratosphere. The ozone layer becomes thinner. Humans are exposed to a ever more intensive ultraviolet radiation and the corrosive effects of free radicals. As consequence the skin cancer in frightening measure increased. Before this background meanwhile far the plastic surgeon and scientist from South Africa, well-known over the boundaries of its country, developed, Doctor Desmond Fernandes the ENVIRON system.

Dr. Fernandes carried pioneer work out with the development of ENVIRON in the area of the skin care. Anywhere there were not comparable products before. Extensive research work flowed into the development. With all innovation requirement and philosophy can be brought on a simple formula: The ENVIRON system is to recover substantially to preservation and contribute beautiful skin. That succeeded. And that is scientifically proven. All contents materials were checked by independent laboratories. No additional preservatives or perfume are attached to the Proactive and alpha system. And which is useful to humans, is not to harm other organisms. From this attitude basically no bioassays precede the introduction on the market of ENVIRON products.
ENVIRON creams were tested by institut of vitamins  Lausanne, Switzerland, and registered with the department of Health for Switzerland and Japan.


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