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Hairs removeing

Beauty is called nowadays for many to possess no body hairs. This applies particularly to women. But in the meantime also increasingly men who suffer from strong chest and dorsum hairs try, to loose will these hairs. But there are different methods. With shaving and the use chem. means are removed the hair at the surface. With hot wax (depilation) the whole hair is peeled off. Success stops substantially longer and "the gleaning formation " is avoided, is not however not from duration. Desirable would therefore be a method, with which the hair was always removed. Four
procedures promise recently to concern the problem. They the desert hair in the depth and stop so hair growth radically, i.e. at the root.

1.) The needle-epilation must meet the individual hair at the root and with electric current glowing. This method is time-consuming and hangs of the fate the beautician off. If needle and current draw meet not the hair channel, but the environment, there can be unpleasant scars. Correctly applied, the durability of the hairs removeing is best.

2.) With the laser method the hair on a surface can be removed from m per impulse. By in the hair and in the skin of pigments present the heat up to the hair roots is to be led and cooked there this. The method is therefore suitable almost only for black hairs and brightens skin. The method can hurt or pinch with application unpleasantly. With application it can come to side effects in the form of burns, scars and pigment disturbances. The permanent "hairs removeing success" is in the ideal case about 60 - 80%.

3.) The flashlight method attacks the roots on a surface of 5 cm. That is an advantage, because equal larger hair areas can be concerned in such a way. The experience of the user is important. With too much heat it can come to burns, with too few remains the skin intact, the hair root in addition. After the past experiences the hairs come back after at the latest 3 years. Some investigations give success within 2 years with 70 - 85% hairs reduction to.

4.) With in the medicine developed simultaneous procedure a special epilations gel is transferred along the hair channel up to the hair root. By the additional application special high volt impulse the hair is loosened pain-free from the hair root as well as solve from the surrounding fabric carefully. Subsequently, the hair can be removed easy, gently and absolutely pain-free.
Convincing results are to be registered usually after the first handlings. By further sessions - whose number on type of hair, hair status and hormone household are dependent - hair growth is continued to restrain. The hairs will give more thinly and more fluffy and then in most cases even in the long run their used growth up.

5.) IPL PITANGA a new development, works very effectively with a combination of pulsed laser and RF river. Hair, which is in the growth phase, is almost removed in the ideal case to 100% durably. Therefore we decided for this method, which is recommended also by prominent laser hospitals.

Both with the laser and with the flashlight method there are still no long-term studies, because the procedures are still too young. They should be applied only by experienced skin physicians or beauticians. Let even with these two methods references absolutely give oneself.
For humans with diseased coat or simply wrong are to shave themselves or to chem. means be accessed, are surely suitable and promising the 4 methods, since the hair is missing actually longer if necessary completely with success, as when shaving or the chemical hair remove. The prices depend on the size of the area and the method. Thus the remove with laser and photo-flash lamp costs almost the double as with the needle or the simultaneous procedure.

By Cosmos Cosmetics we turn the simultaneous procedure, the needle nadel-epilation and the remove with hot wax on, prefer IPL Pitanga the safest method.

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