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The simultaneous procedure.

With the simultaneous procedure ultrasonic and high volt impulses work at the same time and parallel during the handling.

By means of ultrasonic special atrophierende active substances on nature base are transferred into the follicle (Sono or Phonophorese). At the same time over the high volt impulse the hair is shifted in "micro oscillations". Both mechanisms together ensure now for the fact that the hair shank separates from the hair root and the hair can be removed afterwards without resistance. This procedure is besides pain-free and without danger of scar formations and turning red to be applied.
In the link growth-delaying active substances are transferred by means of ultrasonic to the hair roots.


Pain-free hair distance without irritations.

In particular at problem zones such as over lips, chin, cheek or also bikini zone this feature is particularly important. The hair distance with the simultaneous procedure is just as wide applicable to execute simply and it shows fast successes. Besides tendentious a hair stature decreasing/going back always further is to be registered The hair will remain more thinly and more fluffy and after some handlings in many cases completely back.

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