Institute of cosmetic and wellness Heidelberg

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The word cosmetic deduces itself from the Greek word cosmos. This term refers to the harmony of the entire universe. Thus 1987 the name COSMOS  COSMETICS was selected. A name, which became the far over boundaries Heidelberg and the Rhine-Neckar area an address

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Contact address:

Cosmos Cosmetics
c/o Mrs. Jung
new: Vangerowstr. 33
D-69115 Heidelberg

fon : +49 6221  163756
fax.: +49 6221  616239

You can entrust yourselves exclusive  cosmetic institute in the west city of Heidelberg calmed down. It is a true place of the peace in the midst of the activity of the Rohrbacher Str. - that is COSMOS COSMETICS studio. Already when entering the attentive visitor notices that here somewhat different is. A stone well, over that gently the water running in addition tender music, which clasps it. That is well-being feeling from the outset. If then Mrs. Jung with gentle massages and entirely face and body handling authority shows, recovery is purely announced.

Opening Mo 14:00-18:00 Tu to Fr 10:00-13:00 14:00-18:00 Treatments after agreement.